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6000k med 1450 Lumen. 

Energy saving

White LED is of low power consumption, only 1/10 of incandescent, 2/5 of energy-saving lamps.


Light body is made of V-0 grade fire PC material, with anti-yellowing function. The appearance is simple and stylish with invariant color.

Less light attenuation

Built-in aluminum alloy shell ensures heat dissipation. Excellent thermal management can effectively ensure the long-term stability work of LED light-emitting tube, effectively control the lumen attenuation problem.

Environmental protection

No mercury (Hg) and other environmentally harmful substances. Does not cause damage to the environment. Does not contain infrared, ultraviolet light, little eye irritation.

long life

Life is up to 30,000 hours, 5 hours per day, available for 24 years.

A + grade energy efficient products

It just consumes only several degrees of electricity in one thousand hours, the power is also small that the power meter almost cannot undetectable it and does not rotate, save electricity.


1. When installation, maintenance, check the lamps, please switch off the power.

2. Please strict accordance with the instructions to install the lamps.

3. To avoid electrical shock or light body fall, do not disassemble or modify.

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