NiteCore D2 Universal charger

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battery 3500mA, 8A: Just the charger
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LiFe 3.7V
NiMH 1.48V
Charging accuracy: ± 1%
Overcharge protection
Overheat Protection
Intelligent charging for batteries of various sizes
Connection for 12V charging from, for example, a car battery
Material: fire-resistant ABC-plastic mixture
Mode button:
Remaining charge time
Charging voltage V
Charging current mA
Slot button:
Display light ON / OFF
Battery selection 1/2
Recommended operating temperature: 0 ~ + 40C
Charger dimensions: 14.3 x 7.4 x 3.6cm
Weight: 168g
1 x Charger Nitecore D2
1 x power cord
1 x Manual (in English)

See the tests in the video below!



NiteCore D2 Universal charger


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